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Patent Analytics

analytics_services_overviewPrediqtus can provide a comprehensive patent portfolio analysis of all patent assets. Prediqtus is proud to work with proprietary software analytics tools, created by patent pioneers, specifically aimed at looking at large company portfolios in meaningful ways. The analysis allows for introspective analysis and identification of revenue opportunity areas, competitive intelligence, and alternative patent commercialization plans.

Both a spring board and starting strategy, the portfolio analysis becomes a useful tool for summarizing a huge amount of patent data while allowing focus on under-utilized portfolio segments. A major section of the analysis involves retrieving and classifying all of the patents, categorizing them by technology domain, and distilling insights based on the identified and categorized patents.

Prediqtus’s patent analytics platform can quickly identify top assets within a portfolio of 50 to 100,000 or more patent assets.

Patent Advisory


TechSelectTM Analysis utilizes proprietary analytic software and human intelligence to identify Broad Field patent assets and clusters with potential for field of use and non-exclusive licensing within a portfolio.  Using Prediqtus’s proprietary patent analytics platform, the strongest patents are selected within a portfolio.  These top patents are then analyzed by technical experts and registered patent attorneys to identify the patents with the strongest technologies and broadest supported claims.

Technology Analysis

Prediqtus’s technical experts provide an in-depth technological overview and extensive technological report for client patent assets, including core, non-core and/or broad field patent assets.  Prediqtus’s technology analysis provides a significant analysis of the technological strength, market segment and market potential.

Patent Analysis

Prediqtus’s registered patent attorneys perform a detailed analysis of the patent specification and claims for breadth and depth, in light of the detailed technology analysis.  This analysis includes identification the broadest independent claim for determining potentially relevant target products and licensees and identification of the breadth and depths of the broadest claims in light of the specification.

Potential Licensee Analysis

Prediqtus performs a detailed identification of potential commercial segments, identification of target companies, their products, their patents and identification of applicable claims.

Transactions (Patent brokerage, licensing, commercialization)

Market Analysis

Prediqtus can generate a market based valuation for the portfolio using similar deals in the space and other compounds/devices/methods/processes which are available in the market and their market size.

Prediqtus can utilize its proprietary “Tech Select TM” analysis to product a market analysis based on technological and patent expert review.

Analysis of Patent & Patent Landscape, Valuation of Opportunities

Using Prediqtus’s proprietary analytics and patent experts, the breadth and depth of the patent scope will be analyzed in light of the portfolio patent claims and specifications.  Prediqtus can identify covered products, as well as other uses of the covered products outside the portfolio core competency.

Identification of Targets

Prediqtus’s technical and patent experts can identify target companies for license, sale or collaboration.

Marketing & Sourcing Deals

Prediqtus’s transactional experts can:

  • Create marketing collateral materials
  • High level summary of each portfolio
  • Detailed marketing brochure
  • Create data room
  • Initiate interest from prospective buyer
  • Sign Non-disclosure agreement (secrecy agreement)
  • Provide Access to Secured Data room
  • Setup call with prospective buyers/licensees and experts


Licensing & Closing Deals

Prediqtus’s transactional experts can negotiate and close deals for license, sale or collaboration.

PipelinxTM Reports

Prediqtus’s PipelinxTM Reports provide a detailed evaluation of technologies from an expert patent, technology and market perspective.pipelinx_png_colored

The PipelinxTM Reports offer an expert Technology Assessment and Evaluation that screens technologies forindicators that the technology should be considered for patenting. This screening will be based on a number of aspects including pertinent technology-specific, target market, and patentability factors.

Grant Writing

Prediqtus is uniquely positioned to assist in your funding strategy by leading your grant procurement efforts. With extensive experience in both grants writing and reviewing, Prediqtus can ensure competitiveness in getting grants from agencies such as NIH, NSF and DoD. With unmatched experience in every aspect of the grant process, from writing to reviewing to leveraging of successful awards, , Prediqtus is well positioned to assist you in locating grant opportunities, formulating a proposal strategy, and most importantly in writing compelling and responsive proposals.

Technology Transfer

Prediqtus has extensive experience with technology transfer from university to industry and between companies. With intimate knowledge of each facet of technology transfer, including evaluation, protection, marketing, licensing, compliance, and monetization we can assist whether you are a small office, a major research university or a Fortune 500 customer.  Our professionals have worked in leadership roles in large and small university offices,  in startups, in large corporations, and in government agencies.  Prediqtus assists Fortune 500 companies with externalization and open Innovation strategies, successfully connecting them with university technologies. Leading universities around the world work with Prediqtus for various aspects of technology transfer. The areas where Prediqtus has assisted clients are:

  •  International licensing strategy
  • Monetization of current IP portfolio
  • Externalization and open innovation
  • Process enhancement for technology transfer
  • Marketing

Products & Services

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