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AIA Shield

AIA Shield

IPR support

The passing of the America Invents Act created two new third party patent validity challenges: Inter Partes Review (IPR) and Post Grant Review (PGR).  Since 2012, over 3,000 IPR Petitions have been filed challenging the validity of patents from a novelty (35 US Code § 102) and/or non-obviousness (35 US Code § 103) perspective, with over 90% of challenged claims invalidated in accepted IPR petitions.

Using our proprietary AIA ShieldTM, Prediqtus can provide a patent validity evaluation in light of the new IPR and PGR mechanisms.  This proprietary platform is the only platform capable of reviewing every element of every claim in a patent to determine if there is potential invalidating §102 or §103 prior art. It has been appropriately named because it has been designed to act as a shield for defendants being attacked by patents. We will work with your counsel to provide protection.

Litigation assistance

Using our proprietary AIA ShieldTM, Prediqtus can provide a patent validity evaluation in order to assist litigation counsel in challenging asserted patent validity as an infringement defense.

Our patent and technology experts work with litigation counsel in order to identify invalidating prior art.

Patent invalidity analysis

Is your patent valid?

Using our proprietary AIA ShieldTM, Prediqtus can provide a patent validity evaluation review of a single patent or an entire portfolio of patents.

Expert opinion

Prediqtus patent experts have assisted attorneys with patent validity, offensive and defensive claim charting, technical opinions, and intellectual property portfolio valuation.

Our expert witnesses come from all areas of professional life, including college professors, program directors and scientists in diverse fields such as polymer chemistry, synthetic chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, plastics, electronics, semiconductors, and wireless technologies.

Prior art searching

Using our proprietary AIA ShieldTM, Prediqtus can identify prior art references that either alone or in combination are material to the patentability of an invention. Search results may include both foreign and US published applications and issued patents, as well as non-patent literature such as scientific journals and papers generated from our database of over 130 million references.  The search results are reviewed by our patent and technology experts.

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Portfolio Mining

Portfolio Mining

IP portfolio mining

For large technology portfolios, including universities and Fortune 500 companies, predictive analytics provides the starting point for an comprehensive technology ranking.  Based on this ranking, in an interactive process with the client, we will apply the best human intelligence to evaluate the technological viability, IP strength and commercial utility of selected intellectual assets.


TechSelectTM Analysis utilizes proprietary analytic software and human intelligence to identify Broad Field patent assets and clusters with potential for field of use and non-exclusive licensing within a portfolio.  Using Prediqtus’s proprietary patent analytics platform, the strongest patents are selected within a portfolio.  These top patents are then analyzed by technical experts and registered patent attorneys to identify the patents with the strongest technologies and broadest supported claims.

Technology Analysis

Prediqtus’s technical experts provide an in-depth technological overview and extensive technological report for client patent assets, including core, non-core and/or broad field patent assets.  Prediqtus’s technology analysis provides a significant analysis of the technological strength, market segment and market potential.

Potential Licensee Analysis

Prediqtus performs a detailed identification of potential commercial segments, identification of target companies, their products, their patents and identification of applicable claims.

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Global Technology Commercialization

Global Technology Commercialization

PipelinxR – technology review

A signature product, our PipelinxR technology reports provide a concise and cost-effective evaluation of individual technologies, including key distinguishing technology features, market overview and intellectual property analysis.   PipelinxR reports provide a solid basis for go-no go decisions on continued technology investment, as well as information useful for moving forward with commercialization.

Invention disclosure evaluation

Using software that is continuously updated by the best minds in big data analytics, we use a uniquely efficient semantic analysis approach to sorting and ranking early stage technologies, specifically those at the invention disclosure stage.  The invention disclosure evaluation process can save time and money by providing an analysis of IP and technology strengths, and commercial potential.

  • Significant savings in patent prosecution costs
  • Go/no go decision for patenting
  • Better quality of patent claims
  • Triage inventions from an IP standpoint

As with all of our evaluation processes, machine intelligence results are augmented by the best human intelligence.

Grant Writing

Government funding can support disruptive technologies to proof-of-concept, and can provide additional non-dilutive funds to augment angel investments and venture capital.  Our seasoned and well-connected team provides a personalized approach to find funding mechanisms, engage with key government officials, craft and submit winning proposals.

Technology Transfer

At the heart of technology transfer success lies

  • Technology evaluation
  • Protection of technology
  • Due diligence and valuation of technology
  • Licensing or monetization of the technology

We have extensive experience in each of these areas

Technology landscape

Our team of consultants are international leaders with intimate knowledge of a broad range of technologies, and are further supported by a network of key commercial, academic and government contacts. We provide an individualized overview of competing technologies, and their comparative strengths, weaknesses and development stage.

Freedom to operate

Does the IP landscape allow room for your technology to flourish?  We provide analysis and recommendations tailored to individual needs.

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