AIA Shield: Evaluating Patent Validity

Prediqtus announces AIA Shield, their comprehensive patent validity evaluation product. According to company representatives, AIA Shield offers patent protection/IP strategy options for defending IP assets in the face of new challenges posed by the America Invents Act (AIA), specifically, Inter Partes Review (IPR) and Post Grant Review (PGR).
The America Invents Act provided the framework for third parties to use IPR and PGR patent validity challenges, and these mechanisms represent a significant threat to existing IP portfolios. For the last three years, more than 3,000 IPR Petitions have been filed and most of these petitions have challenged the validity of patents from a novelty (35 USC § 102) and/or non-obviousness (35 USC § 103) perspective. More than ninety percent of the challenged claims have been invalidated in accepted IPR petitions.
Using the proprietary AIA Shield™ analysis platform, Prediqtus will provide a patent validity evaluation in light of the new IPR and PGR mechanisms. The company management notes that this proprietary platform is the only automated platform, which can review every element of every claim in a patent in order to evaluate the threat of patent invalidation. “Our new product was named AIA Shield on purpose. It offers protection for future attacks on patents, and proactively mitigates risk from asserted patents – all of this by providing the necessary support as well as by working with the client’s counsel,” said Dr. Dipanjan Nag, President and CEO of Prediqtus. AIA Shield analysis is useful in: M&A due diligence, patent acquisitions, patent portfolio audit, facing threats of patent litigation, and protecting patent filings from invalidating prior art.
“Our proprietary AIA Shield™ is the only prior art platform that semantically searches every element of every claim independently. This reduces the cost substantially by saving time and increasing confidence in a patent portfolio and/or pending patent applications,” added Jessica Mikus, Prediqtus’s VP of Intellectual Property.
The AIA Shield utilizes predictive analytics. It takes an existing patent and identifies prior art that teaches each of the claim elements of each claim. The system allows for the input of known prior art references, as well as the exclusion of cited references, in order to find potential additional prior art. For every potential prior art reference, each claim element can be selected and the system will illustrate where the claim element is taught in the potential prior art reference. The system is also capable of building a claims chart with each claim step along with the selected applicable teaching prior art. All of this initial automated data collection is then reviewed and iteratively analyzed by a patent attorney and leading subject matter experts.
This system, trusted by IP experts and Fortune 500 companies, is now available through Prediqtus’s website at