Prediqtus welcomes Dnyanesh Talpade, new CEO-In-Residence!


Prediqtus is proud to announce a new CEO-In-Residence (CIR), Dnyanesh Talpade!

Dnyanesh Talpade is an accomplished senior executive with an impressive leadership record in global new product development, strategic planning, product/project management, research and advanced technology engineering, business development and consulting. With solid experience in Cardiology, Structural Heart, ENT, Surgical Biopsy/oncology systems, imaging (X-Ray,US,MRI) & the device needs of the pharma & biotech, he will be a highly valuable new member of the Prediqtus team. Dnyanesh will bring his passion for the hands-on building and leading of cross-functional teams that rapidly create and profitably commercialize high tech products to Prediqtus.

CIR programs place an experienced CEO into a start-up company right from the beginning.  Acting as an adviser, the CEO can create a business model that invites investment, anticipate and remove obstacles, oversee budgets, fund raise, and effectively report to investors about accomplishments and concerns. As CIR at Prediqtus, Dnyanesh will take a particular interest in our Ebisyn Medical, a venture centered around eye-tracking technology for early autism diagnosis.  We are excited to welcome him to the team, and to see how his leadership can help Ebisyn thrive.