CEO-In-Residence Program Launches

CEO-In-Residence (CIR) programs are getting more popular all over the world as a way to provide start-up companies with experienced management. Effective guidance in the first few years of a company is absolutely critical to success.

CIR programs place an experienced CEO into a start-up company right from the beginning.  Acting as an adviser the CEO can create a business model that invites investment, anticipate and remove obstacles, oversee budgets, fund raise, and effectively report to investors about accomplishments and concerns.

Prediqtus, LLC has chosen four outstanding professionals to be the foundation of their CIR program.  These individuals have high levels of experience and exceptional skill in actualizing, advising and advancing a company.  Our CIRs have been exclusively selected to provide a start-up company with the foundation that it needs to be successful.

About the company: Prediqtus is an early-stage seed fund for biomedical and life science innovations.  President and CEO, Dr. Dipanjan Nag successfully pioneered the CEO-In-Residence program at Rutgers University.

For more information please contact:, (six zero nine) 759-0214.