Webinar Exploring High-Value Patent Sale Transactions

Look out today for our President and CEO, Dr Dipanjan Nag, as he is moderating an AUTM Online Professional Development webinar Exploring High-Value Patent Sale Transactions with presenters Peter Hardigan, Vice President at IP Navigation Group and Ron Laurie, Managing Director at Inflexion Point Strategy, LLC. The webinar is an overview of recent high-visibility patent sale transactions and an exploration of the factors that are driving the unprecedented valuations. The discussion will include an analysis of multi-billion dollar transactions such as the Nortel patent auction Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and the AOL-Microsoft-Facebook deal, and where the market might be headed in terms of valuations. Learn why average-price-per-patent figures for completed deals has become the valuation methodology of choice for new deals and why corporate M&A has become an accepted transaction mode for acquiring patent portfolios having strategic value. Experts who have done valuation for these deals as well as contributed toward the deal making will analyze the current market and future trends for patent valuation. Registration is required, but participation is free.autm